Technology & Application

Diversified materials handling

We have comprehensive material handling capabilities covering a wide range of materials from all types of lithium-ion materials to advanced materials such as chalcogenide photovoltaics, as well as all types of organic and inorganic systems. Our technology is not limited to treating specific types of materials, but covers a range of challenging new energy materials in new ways.

Efficient material preparation processes

Our preparation processes play a key role in improving material properties. Through precise mixing, coating or drying, inspection and other techniques, we are able to significantly improve the consistency and quality of material preparation.

Innovative R&D capabilities

Continuous technological innovation and optimization is carried out to adapt to the needs of new materials and applications. On our self-developed test platform, our R&D team continues to conduct in-depth research on the application and processing technologies of various materials.

Cross-industry technology application

Technology applications are not limited to a single industry, but span multiple new energy fields. This diversified technology application capability proves that our technology is not only advanced, but also widely adaptable.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Informationization integration based on batch consistency

Integration of PLM, MES, WMS, ERP, and efficient collaboration of delivery systems.

  • 质量管理

    Quality Management

    General module customization standardization, core module customization differentiation, data traceability management.

  • 物料管理

    Material Management

    Inventory management, material traceability management, supplier cooperative management.

  • 订单管理

    Order Management

    Order hierarchy management, order traceability management, order risk management.

  • 数据管理

    Data Management

    Hierarchical management, real-time updates, visual management.

  • 智能制造

Quality Management

Based on the guarantee of consistency of batch delivery

质量管理4-10 en

After-sales Service

Sincere communication, passion, patience and dedication

  • 响应速度

    Response time

    30 days-coater on site to QUALIFY

    1h-Major abnormality, 1h to provide solution measures

  • 终身服务

    Lifetime service

    Lifetime - Lifetime service during the whole life cycle of the equipment

  • 一对一服务

    One-on-one service

    Free of charge - Provide training and rationalization suggestions for equipment testing, maintenance and repair.