Assistant Quality Engineer/Quality Engineer

Place:JiaxingSalary:6K-15kNumber:1Education:Undergraduate and above

Job Description:

1. Organize the implementation of product quality law and other laws and regulations, ordinances, regulations, and the implementation of the situation of inspection and reporting.

2.To organize quality management system planning, product quality control of new technologies, new methods of research and promotion and application.

3.Responsible for the management of product quality indicators, and organize statistics and analysis.

4.Organize and complete the quality information management, corrective action management, preventive action management and other system documents, the preparation of management documents, and organize the implementation of each unit in accordance with the documents.

5. Organize and complete the statistics and analysis of quality information, regularly organize the analysis of product quality trends, write quarterly comprehensive quality analysis reports, and formulate improvement measures and recommendations.

6. Organize and carry out the continuous improvement of product quality for the weak links of quality. Organize and carry out quality information analysis, zeroing, reporting, archiving and assessment of internal and external sites of each project of the company.

Job requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above in Mechanical, CNC, Machining and other related majors.

2.Practical, pragmatic, sincere, outstanding summarizing ability, clear sense of bringing a team, and strong executive power.

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