Process Engineer

Place:JiaxingSalary:7K-12kNumber:1Education:Undergraduate and above

Job Description:

1.Develop SOP.

2.Training materials for machine processing equipment operation and material processing.

3.Assist in the development and improvement of the skills matrix for the group.

4.Mentor newcomers in job and skills training programs.

5. Completes work assignments and goals scheduled within the crew.

6.Responsible for the preparation of relevant technical documents (drawings) and the development of rational machining processes.

7.Responsible for editing and evaluating the machining process and labor hours of new drawings.

8.Responsible for solving technical problems related to machining, and dealing with problems in the manufacturing process in a timely manner and giving solutions.

9.Responsible for workshop personnel efficiency improvement.

Job requirements:

1. familiar with AUTOCAD, UG, pro/E drawing software, familiar with material processing technology.

2. Familiar with the machining process of turning, clamping, milling, grinding, wire-cutting equipment.

3. Familiar with Excel, Word, PPT office software secondary school.

4. Mechatronics, mechanical specialties, machining arts, etc., more than 3 years of work experience in the same industry.

5. Have good coordination and communication skills, obey the arrangement.

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