Highlight moment | Witness the “first batch of equipment” leaving the factory ceremony together

Editor:Machine X Tech Corporation Limited │ Release Time:2023-09-23 

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Founded in February 2022, Zhejiang Yuchendong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a technologically innovative enterprise focusing on the design, development, manufacturing and application of new energy equipment throughout its life cycle.

The company is located in Pinghu City on the coast of the East China Sea, in the Pinghu Park of Zhangjiang Yangtze River Delta Science and Technology City in the core area of the Yangtze River Delta. The first phase covers an area of 3W square meters, including precision machining factory, core parts factory, assembly factory and R&D laboratory; the second phase is located in the core industrial zone of digital economy in the park, with a planned area of 154 acres, a total investment of 1.5 billion RMB, and a total planned output value of 8 billion RMB.

The R&D team is composed of top technologists in the industry and is committed to providing customers with reliable and leading product solutions using the most innovative technologies.

Destination to Shandong Zero One Advanced Materials Co. Ltd


On December 12, 2022, our company held the first batch of equipment out of the machine ceremony. Under the joint witness of all participants, the fleet of vehicles carrying the "first batch of coater equipment", which is also full of harvest and hope, slowly drove away from the factory. At this point, Mr. Gao Kailuo, the manager of Gao Kailuo, declared the ceremony a complete success.

Future outlook


"The sword sharpens from sharpening, the fragrance of plum blossom comes from bitter cold". The successful shipment of the first batch of coating machine equipment, marking the system equipment formally entered into a new stage of promotion and application; as well as marking the Zhejiang Yuchendong has been fully equipped to make the enterprise bigger and stronger solid foundation.

"How to get the fragrance of plum blossom without some cold bones"! It is believed that with the successive shipments of the subsequent complete sets of system equipment, delivery and use in various production bases and good market response, Zhejiang Yuchendong will usher in a new peak of development under the strong support of the government and partners at all levels.

In the coming days, all the people of Zhejiang Yuchendong must not forget the original intention, forge ahead, continue to maintain high morale, contribute to China's new energy and other industries, and move towards the "most charming and valuable new energy guardian" of this corporate vision.