Machine X 1600 wide double-layer coating machine smoothly out of the machine

Editor:Machine X Tech Corporation Limited │ Release Time:2023-10-24 

Machine X 1600 wide double-layer coating machine smoothly out of the machine

2023 Deliveries in Autumn

On October 20, the coating machine equipment independently developed and manufactured by Machine X Tech Corporation Limited From the receipt of the formal order to the shipment of 110 days of agile delivery, here to the day and night in the manufacture of the front line of the Royal East to salute the people, everyone hard work!


Equipment out of the machine site

In this session, Director Lei Binjie sent the most sincere congratulations for the coating machine equipment out of the machine, and said in his speech that the successful delivery of the equipment can not be separated from the team's efforts and dedication. In the future, Machine X will adhere to the concept of cooperation of like-mindedness and harmony, integration and win-win situation, and treat each other with sincerity, coordinate the resources of all parties, and make every effort to promote the development of cooperation. With the development of new ideas and new performance, write a new chapter of win-win situation!


Representatives from all departments of the company and project-related engineers attended the machine-out ceremony.

Be resolute and enterprising


Full trucks, can not be separated from each department are in an orderly implementation of each plan, as well as tacit cooperation, concerted efforts to arrange.

The fire of sales in the front, the back of the orderly production and delivery of protection. All the staff of Royal Century East go all out to guarantee the smooth production of more and more new orders to meet the market demand.

Equipment Advantage

In the context of the expansion of power and energy storage battery production capacity, manufacturing large-scale demand, our company responds to the market demand, to provide 1600 wide width double-layer coating machine.

The coater can coat up to 1450mm wide, and the running speed is up to 100m/min.

It can realize high speed coating of wide thin substrate without wrinkle and deflection, and then improve the uniformity of coated products.

At the same time to improve the stability and capacity consistency of the battery, can effectively improve the battery yield, and further meet the high capacity requirements of battery enterprises.

Future Outlook

Relying on its own technology and resource advantages, Machine X accurately positions the lithium battery pre-process, and mainly focuses on the coating machine product series, including single/double-layer stand-off gap coating machine, precision extrusion coating machine, rack gap coating machine, and diaphragm coating machine.

In the future, Machine X will continue to plough into the field of lithium-ion battery intelligent manufacturing equipment, constantly upgrade and iterate products and services, empowering new energy lithium-ion battery intelligent manufacturing, and helping the early realization of the goal of "double carbon".