High Precision Coating Machine

High Precision Coating Machine

Equipment Introduction

An electrode sheet production equipment for continuously and uniformly coating an electrode material onto a foil material by means of a coating extrusion head.

Technical Parameters

Mechanical speed


Main roll runout

≤1.5μm (laser marking)

Die head repeat positioning accuracy


Roll surface width




Accuracy of main roller line speed


Oven temperature≤150℃/±2℃

Success rate of tape splicing


Functional Features

1. Automatic roll change without speed reduction for winding and unwinding, the success rate of tape splicing is ≥99.9%, and the length of residual tail material is controlled within 100m;

2. High-precision gap adjustment structure of the machine head can realize online automatic adjustment of the die head gap, and realize the automatic knife marking function of the equipment.

3. Precision metering screw pump provides stable flow for coating, and it can realize closed-loop control with on-line surface density measuring instrument to ensure the stability of longitudinal surface density accuracy;

4. New drying oven, through the self-adaptive internal circulating wind and external channels of waste heat recovery to achieve the effect of reducing energy consumption of the equipment.

5. Positive six-stage tension individual control control, adaptive PID control algorithm to achieve double closed-loop tension high-precision control, bringing stable winding effect.

6. "One key" fault self-test technology can realize intelligent self-test, fault localization and fault information prompting function of the electrical system of the coating machine;

7. Excellent human-computer interaction, realizing four integrated hierarchical authority management.

8. Excellent anti-dumbness function, easy operation to realize complex equipment functions, enhance system stability.