Gravure Coating Machine

Gravure Coating Machine

Equipment Introduction

An apparatus for primer coating of substrate, uniformly coating conductive agent on the surface of copper foil and aluminum foil by gravure coating and controlling its dimensional accuracy and thickness uniformity.

Technical Parameters

Mechanical speed


Coating speed


Substrate width


Coating width

Max 1600mm

Coating size accuracy≤±0.3mm
Coating thickness accuracy±0.3μm

Coating dry thickness


Reel alignment


Functional Features

1. Counter-top clamping type plate roller structure can be adjusted online for transverse position to ensure transverse dimensional accuracy;

2. High-efficiency drying oven, through the adaptive internal circulation storm external channel waste heat recovery to achieve the reduction of equipment energy consumption;

3. Adaptive PID control tension of the whole machine, double closed-loop tension high-precision control to ensure stable winding and unwinding;

4. One-key self-test of the equipment to ensure the stability of the boot, reducing the threshold of equipment operation;

5. Double-sided gravure coating, through high-precision sensors to ensure the front and back overprinting accuracy.