Laser notching&slitting  integrated machine

Laser notching&slitting integrated machine

Equipment Introduction

A high-speed continuous lug forming machine for positive/negative electrode foil area; ensures lug burrs, shoulder height, heat-affected zone, and automated equipment for winding of slit lugs.

Technical Parameters

Mechanical speed


Effective width of over-roll


Diameter of winding and unwinding roll


Cutting mode

One out of one, compatible with one out of two

Cutting size precision


Heat-affected zone


Cutting metal leakage


Cutting burr

≤10μm (based on the substrate)

Cutting metal fusion bead


Functional Features

1. Small burrs, low thermal influence, high quality of cutting end face;

2. Brush dust removal, negative pressure dust suction, wind knife dust removal, ultrasonic dust removal, FFU, dust removal fan and other multiple countermeasures against dust and foreign matter, no dust residue, high security;

3. Configurable double-put double-receiving, double-put single-receiving, double-put four-receiving, high-precision automatic roll change, ultra-high-speed laser cutting system, and efficient foreign matter control measures;

4. Tension double closed-loop control technology, tension fluctuation range +2N, can realize laser on-line marking, foil defects on-line detection.