Calendering machine

Calendering machine

Equipment Introduction

A kind of positive/negative electrode sheet which is formed into a roll after coating passes through the continuous roll pairing device to crush the electrode sheet uniformly to the thickness required by the process, and completes the neat rewinding automatically.

Technical Parameters

Mechanical speed


Production speed≤120m/min

Roll width


Effective rolling width≤1400mm

Rolling force control accuracy


Tension control accuracy

10~500N/≤±3N, 500-1200N/≤±4N

Roll surface hardness≥HRC68
Processing accuracy of rollsround runout≤1.0 μm, straightness≤2.0 um

Meter counting precision of rolls


Successful rate of automatic roll change and strip pick-up


Qualified rate of equipment products


Thickness accuracy of pole piece after rolling


Precision of temperature uniformity of hot roll surface


Functional Features

1. Automatic tape change without slowing down the speed of winding and unwinding, and the success rate of tape catching is ≥99.9%;

2. Online laser thickness measurement, closed-loop thickness feedback control system, the thickness accuracy of the pole piece can reach ± 2um after rolling;

3. Cross-roller self-developed technology: the cross angle of the rolls is used to realize the adjustment of roll convexity, which can reduce the pressure of the bending cylinder, reduce energy consumption, and at the same time, improve the thickness uniformity and compaction density of the pole piece;

4. Self-researching technology of pressurization in the middle of the rolls: solving the problem of thinness in the middle and thinness in the two sides of the pole piece after rolling in the wide roll press;

5. Tension double closed-loop control technology, tension dynamic fluctuation range ± 3N; 6. Optional roll hot pressing, cold pressing and double machine continuous rolling;

7. "One key" fault self-test technology, can realize the equipment electrical system intelligent self-test, fault location, fault information prompt function.