Calendering&slitting machine

Calendering&slitting machine

Equipment Introduction

A kind of positive/negative electrode sheet which is formed into a roll after coating is passed through a continuous hydraulic roller device, and the electrode sheet is uniformly milled to the thickness required by the process, and then slit into a plurality of electrode sheets which meet the width required by the process, and wound up in a neat roll.

Technical Parameters

Mechanical speed


Production speed


Roll width


Effective rolling width


Rolling force control accuracy


Tension control accuracy

10-500N/≤±3N, 500-1200N/≤±4N

Roll surface hardness


Processing accuracy of rolls

Round runout≤1.0 μm, straightness≤2.0 um

Bending roller device

8 bending roller cylinders, bending roller force 100 t, control accuracy ± 0.5 T

Meter counting precision


Successful rate of automatic roll change and belt connection


Qualified rate of equipment products


Thickness accuracy of pole piece after rolling


Precision of temperature uniformity of hot roll surface


Slitting width precision


Reeling neatness


Functional Features

1. "One key" fault self-test technology, can realize the equipment electrical system intelligent self-test, fault location, fault information prompt function; 

2. Closed-loop control of the roll seam pressure and closed-loop control of the position of the dual-mode;

3. Adoption of IO-LINK connecting technology, which improves the control accuracy and the level of intelligent sensors;

4. Rising process of the servo-proportional valves running fuzzy PD algorithms to quickly adjust the servo-proportional valves Opening degree, to ensure that the two sides of the main roller ascending roller synchronization error within 0.5s;

5. master cylinder pressure and bending cylinder pressure double PID regulation, pressure fluctuation value in the roller pressure + 0.5T or less.