Slot coating machine

Slot coating machine

Equipment Introduction

The coating process of nano and sub-micron level functional coatings is realized by flat plate coating, which is suitable for laboratory research and development, small batch trial production and process research, etc. It is suitable for coating of Calcium Titanium Ore Thin Film Solar Cells, Organic Solar Cells, Optical Films, and PI Films.

Technical Parameters
Overall Dimension1200*1150*2100mm(with shroud)
VoltageSingle-phase voltage AC220V±10%; Frequency: 50HZ  
Coating area≤300*300mm(can be customized upon request)
Viscosity of slurry1-500cps
Coating speed0.05-5m/min(according to the nature of pulp)  
Dry film thickness0.05-10um(according to the nature of pulp)  
Uneven film thickness≤±3%
Uneven area around≤8mm(according to the nature of pulp)  
Feeding pump precision≤0.1ul/s

Can be configured with wind knife, wind knife out of the wind speed, wind temperature can be designed according to user needs, wind knife insulation, compatible with the CDA interface, temperature and wind speed alarms

Functional Features

1. Customized setting of coating parameters according to customer's needs, convenient coating process research;

2. The motion module adopts high-precision air-floating bearings and marble platform to ensure coating precision and stability;

3. Double Z-axis decoupling design, independent height adjustment on both sides of the coating cutter head to ensure the cutter head is parallel;

4. Contact displacement sensor and laser displacement sensor design, real-time monitoring Gap;

5. High-precision fluid simulation cavity design, customized knife head according to the nature of customer solutions;

6. High uniformity wind knife integration, to meet the requirements of film-forming temperature, wind knife outlet wind speed uniformity ≤ 5%, can automatically adjust the height and angle, to ensure the quality of film-forming;

7. Integrated high-precision feeding system and tail liquid collection device design, reduce solution waste;

8. According to the user's demand, optional FFU atmosphere environment shield;

9. Support customized solutions.