Vacuum Dryer VCD

Vacuum Dryer VCD

Equipment Introduction

Mainly used in the field of film formation, the formation of a vacuum environment to realize the evaporation of solvents, assisting better film formation.

Technical Parameters
Glass Size300*300*3600*1200*31200*2400*3
Vacuum chamber size(mm)400*390*1001900*1300*1582500*1300*158
Working vacuum10s/10Pa10S/10pa10S/10pa
Number of vacuum ports123
Number of broken vacuum ports122
Pumping speed75L/s610L/s958L/s
Number of mechanical pumps133
Breaking vacuum gasDry air/nitrogen

Functional Features

1. One-piece high sealing chamber design, chamber leakage rate meets the vacuum requirement (related to chamber volume and material outgassing);

2. Adjustable pumping speed, the pressure drop curve can be adjusted according to process requirements;

3. Fast pumping capacity, up to 10s/100Pa, 30s/10Pa according to demand;

4. Vacuum chamber pressure stability ≤ 5%;

5. Support product specifications from laboratory grade to mass production grade full size.