Slitter (automatic coil change/manual coil change)

Slitter (automatic coil change/manual coil change)

Equipment Introduction

A kind of equipment to longitudinally slit the battery pole piece and non-ferrous metal plate or coil to the required size specification and ensure certain process requirements.

Technical Parameters

Mechanical speed

≤ 140m/min

Production speed

≤ 120m/min

Roll surface width


Slitting width range


Tension control precision


Qualified rate of equipment products


Failure rate of equipment

≤ 1%

Cutting burr after slitting

longitudinal ≤5μm, transverse ≤5μm

Slitting width precision


Reeling neatness


Meter counting precision


No quality defects such as crimping, cracking, folding, stretching, exposed foils, obvious jaggedness, etc. on the edge cut of the pole piece.
Functional Features