Air knife

Air knife

Equipment Introduction

Mainly used for the drying of coated film, according to the process requirements can be set to different temperatures and wind speed, to assist the drying process of the coated film.

Technical Parameters
Effective length of air outlet100-1200mm(customized according to customer requirements)
Slit width of wind knife0.1-4mm
Air inlet apertureΦ35-φ63mm
Installation positionFixed to coating cutterhead/fixed to gantry
Blade height10-100mm (customized according to customer needs)
Blade angle-75°~75°
MaterialAluminum alloy (air knife) + SUS304 (fixed fittings)
Air uniformity<5%(effective width 1000mm)
Wind speed1-6m/s(designed according to process demand)
Hot air temperature40-70℃(designed according to process demand)
Temperature uniformity<5%
Functional Features

1. Wind speed uniformity ≤ 5%, in different combinations of air knife width and Jinfeng caliber, the best up to 3%;

2. The wind knife adopts aluminum alloy material molding, wind knife opening size consistency, corrosion resistance, light weight;

3. The height and angle of the wind knife can be adjusted according to customer demand;

4. Heater and fan operation status monitoring, alarm in case of abnormal status;

5. Compatible with CDA interface and indoor air extraction.