Calendering and coater machine

Calendering and coater machine

Equipment Introduction

Mainly used for film coating, can be compatible with different substrate materials and process requirements for coating, suitable for chalcogenide, organic and other photovoltaic film, can be used for laboratory research and development, small batch trial production and production line production occasions.

Technical Parameters
Overall dimensions (without cover)2100*1900*2350mm3000*2150*2350mm3000*4000*2350mm
Power supply voltageSingle-phase voltage: AC380V ± 10% Frequency: 50HZ
Air source0.5-0.8MPa(ompressed air)
Effective coating area≤300*300mm≤600*1200mm≤1200*2400mm
Coating speed0~20m/min(according to the nature of pulp)  
Coating dry film thickness≥0.1um(according to the nature of pulp)  
Slurry viscosity1~100cps

Functional Features

1. Simple structure of the whole machine, no high-precision processing parts, fast commissioning;

2. Adapt to the high requirements of production beat, large format mass production line, width Max3000mm;

3. Low flatness requirement for substrate, downward compatible with different size specifications;

4. Wide range of applicable solution viscosity, can be designed according to different film thickness requirements of different structures of metering rollers and roller combination form;

5. Applicable to different functional layers and process coating with pretreatment functional layers.