Multi-functional coating machine

Multi-functional coating machine

Equipment Introduction

The coating process of nano and sub-micron level functional coatings is realized by flat plate coating, which is suitable for laboratory research and development, small batch trial production and process research, etc. It is suitable for coating of Calcium Titanium Ore Thin Film Solar Cells, Organic Solar Cells, Optical Films, and PI Films.

Technical Parameters
Overall Dimension615*360*436mm
VoltageSingle-phase voltage AC220V±10%; Frequency: 50HZ  
Coating area13*13mm~100*100mm
Viscosity of slurry1~100cps
Coating speed1~40mm/s(according to the nature of pulp)  
Thickness of dry film0.05-10um(according to the nature of pulp)  
Feeding pump precision≤0.5ul/s
Coating methodSlit/Scraper(based on demand)
Slit height adjustment range (die lip to substrate)5mm
Temperature of material tableRoom temperature~100℃
Functional Features

1. Small footprint of the equipment, convenient for different scenes;

2. Slit, scraper multiple coating mode integration, applicable to different coating needs; 

3. Rich configuration, can be configured according to the needs of the heating platform, heating die head, coating process monitoring function;

4. Integrated high-precision feeding system, reducing solution waste;

5. Customized setting of coating parameters according to customer needs, coating process research is convenient;

6. Support customized solutions.